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Eric Schmidt: Navigating an AI-Enable Future / Or Manor

I've been passionate regards technology trends and new innovative technologies since the age of 9yo, while my Mother gave me a few Tech Innovation magazines so that I can practice my English.

I'm 37 now, and proud to say that I am still passionate about the potential use of data, AI, Quantum Computing, Data Science, and Robotics to create a new era of technology whiting our daily lives.

For almost 5 years now. I've been sharing technology trends highlights, Technology trends predictions based on data & knowledge, and my passion for creating the future in the Innovation Social club innovation ecosystem I've created.

2 days ago, I had the privilege to hear almost every single prediction we've been talking about, in our Innovation community, being confirmed by the fascinating Eric Schmidt at the TransformX - AI & ML Conference

The panel dealt with the ethics of artificial intelligence, the current industrial revolution, and the caution to exercise regarding the misuse of artificial intelligence capabilities. Fascinating panel!

He spoke about establishing global standards of ethics for using artificial intelligence to ensure that technology can be controlled at any point in the world out of a desire to produce national and international defense.

Schmitt claims that the private market (companies, startups, and academia) is not enough to produce the change quickly enough, and governments must promote and implement the technology actively.

Talk about quantum computing as an efficient and reliable tool that allows us to deepen our capabilities in biotechnology and chemistry. It will improve the quality of the materials in our lives. Synthetic biology will be the next revolution in our lives.

The role of chip production in the age of artificial intelligence: TSMC aims in the next five years to produce chips of 5 nanometers and then 2 nanometers. Schmidt suggests changing the way chips are packaged to speed up the manufacturing process of new chips.

Regulation and growth: a painful and complex field. From this, you can learn how to drive innovation. There was talk of the need to give space to entrepreneurs and experts from outside the US to take a more significant part in local innovation.

Education: The best approach-Technological development of education systems. Art and creation: everyone can be a musician or artist thanks to systems such as DallE2. We are at a current point where artificial intelligence is an integral part of our lives and human evolution; also, in terms of cognitive processes that occur following the use of technology, smartphones are only 14yo, but we do not see our lives as exclusive, as well as intelligent headphones and smartwatches.

The ability to play to your child what your grandfather or father sounded like when he was alive changes our perception of our memories through artificial intelligence.

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