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  • Lecture

    This lecture will explore the trends in technology and how they are reshaping the world today. We will discuss the current and future technologies that are driving the industry, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and cloud computing. We will also explore these technologies' social, political, and economic implications and how they impact our daily lives. Finally, we will examine the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for tech companies and entrepreneurs, as well as the need for regulation and ethical considerations.

  • Group Trainings

    The workshop provides hands-on training so you can practice the skills you'll learn. This allows you to become comfortable with the technology and better understand how to use it. The workshop also includes discussing best practices for using the technology and maximizing its potential. You should book a Practical workshop to understand better the technology you are using and learn how to use it effectively. The hands-on training allows you to practice the skills you'll learn, making it easier to understand and remember the information you are given. The workshop also provides a chance to network with other professionals in the same field, which can be beneficial for gaining insight and new ideas.

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